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Welcome to Pioneer Plumbing Seattle!  We are a Full Service Residential and Commercial Plumbing Service. We can help with all your plumbing needs! From sewer repair, (trenchless sewer repair) to leacky faucets with the best service possible at an exceptional price, with the hopes of building strong and long lasting business relationships. We want to be your reliable and dependable. LicensedRead the Rest…

Your Seattle Plumber that is EPA Certified and Lead Free


Your Seattle Plumber that is Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that all of our services are safe for not only the customer, but for the environment. We provide lead free plumbing at the most affordable price in Seattle. We also are able to renovate old plumbing safely to reduce the risk of lead poisoning.

Overall, the plumbing done to my house was more than adequate. The plumbers that serviced my house were more than knowledgable and respectful. --- L.L Larson Seattle, WA